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About Us

At the Funk Prairie Home Museum, our mission is to take you back in time to the good old days.  We guarantee you'll find the tours fascinating and entertaining.  We're proud of our educational and entertaining presentations and the preservation of the Funk Family legacy.  The tours move along quickly, and time flies at the Prairie Home.  The incredible stories of the early days of the Funk Family will leave you enthralled!

What started as a wedding gift from LaFayette Funk to his bride Elizabeth has grown into one of the most amazing museums anywhere.  Fully furnished as it was in the 1860's, the Prairie Home is a trip into the exciting history of the Funk Family, filled with dazzling accounts of the family's agricultural and political accomplishments.

We are a privately owned museum.  We give guided tours of our historic 1864 Family Home, Gem & Mineral Collection, and 1860's Machinery & Barn.  The tours are absolutely free. Reservations are required.  Contact us today to book a tour.

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